Situational Awareness

Keen attentiveness to your immediate surroundings is the single most important factor to your survival.  You may not know it, but your alertness, power of observation, memory, and ability to process opportunities and threats has already saved your life and the lives of your family, and your team dozens of times over the years.


You call it intuition, your gut feeling, or a sixth sense, but it is not pure instinct.  It is the skill you need to thrive in crisis and other demanding life circumstances.  To the US Special Forces, it’s known as Situational Awareness and it is far more vital for day-to-day success and extreme crisis mitigation than any other tactical skill, piece of gear, or form of weaponry that you may have mastered.

Even at your present level of aptitude, Situational Awareness can occasionally give you an almost clairvoyant ability to avoid jeopardy.  How can you improve those odds?  How can you develop your Situational Awareness skills?  How can you make it more dependable and consistent?  How can you avoid threats, detect opportunities, and make decisions based on facts and information that no one else is aware of?

Just like any other skill, Situational Awareness must be instructed, trained, drilled, and evaluated in order to develop it, sharpen it, and maintain its edge.  Outside of special military training, until now there has been no systematic, reliable, and safe method for teaching and honing this critical skill.

Now, there is KIMinder360.

The KIMinder360 program will text a random directive to you defined by your selected parameters.  It will give you a task to perform.  It will remind you to notice a crucial resource of your surroundings.  It may ask you to identify an escape route in case of disaster, evaluate the threat level of those around you, or any of hundreds of other micro-missions to keep you alert on many levels.  Each task it categorized according to our list of disciplines which will include Strategic Observation, Armed Citizen, Self Defense, Tactical Fitness, Disaster Survival, Orienteering, and Teamwork.

Based on proven drills used by US Special Forces, KIMinder360 will expand your Situational Awareness within days of starting the program, making you, your family, and your team safer, better prepared and more fully ready to seize crucial opportunities and deal with threats as they arise.

Sign up now for your free one-month enrollment.  After your initial 30-days, you will be invited to enroll in the PRO program for just 4.97 per month.  At the PRO level, you will be able to customize your directives by category, time window, and frequency.