A cool story from a KIMinder360 student

The KIMinder360 program is not about getting the right answer.  It’s about asking the right question.

Modern society has all but utterly removed questions and therefore most options from our lives.  Innovation, freedom, and security arise only from questioning your own habits and the habits of your society.

Below is an email I received from a KIMinder360 student.  It epitomizes the mindset that KIMinder360 is meant to encourage.

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The Directive:  For the rest of the day, the main entrance and exit of every building is blocked.  Determine and utilize alternatives for entry and exit.

The Response:  Yesterday’s directive arrived while my wife and I were having brunch. I surveyed the restaurant, and the only way out was the front door or the patio – which was next to the front door. No difference.

When the college student waiter brought the check, I stood up and said “Chris, I know you’re busy but is there an emergency exit through the kitchen?” “Yes.” “Please show it to me.”

And to the astonishment of the wait staff and cooks, we strolled through the kitchen to the exit. Which was blocked by empty produce boxes they had piled up. Not all exits are clear.

Still: success. Chris got a few extra bucks and learned about Sheepdog360 for buying into my authority. And I took the opportunity to develop authority.


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