A cool story from a KIMinder360 student

The KIMinder360 program is not about getting the right answer.  It’s about asking the right question.

Modern society has all but utterly removed questions and therefore most options from our lives.  Innovation, freedom, and security arise only from questioning your own habits and the habits of your society.

Below is an email I received from a KIMinder360 student.  It epitomizes the mindset that KIMinder360 is meant to encourage.

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The Directive:  For the rest of the day, the main entrance and exit of every building is blocked.  Determine and utilize alternatives for entry and exit.

The Response:  Yesterday’s directive arrived while my wife and I were having brunch. I surveyed the restaurant, and the only way out was the front door or the patio – which was next to the front door. No difference.

When the college student waiter brought the check, I stood up and said “Chris, I know you’re busy but is there an emergency exit through the kitchen?” “Yes.” “Please show it to me.”

And to the astonishment of the wait staff and cooks, we strolled through the kitchen to the exit. Which was blocked by empty produce boxes they had piled up. Not all exits are clear.

Still: success. Chris got a few extra bucks and learned about Sheepdog360 for buying into my authority. And I took the opportunity to develop authority.


Am I too old for KIMinder360?

Yesterday I got a question about the KIMinder360 program that is near and dear to my own heart.  Some of us are nearing the age where society tells us to stand back and let the other kids play.  The following question was sent to me, but I didn’t have the new form set up properly and so I didn’t get his email to respond.  I only hope that he runs across this post.

Frank writes:  “I am turning 50 soon, is this something that older people can do?”

Here’s my answer:


I am 48 and I’m programming it.  The first month will be predominantly observation skills, a selection from several categories.  The most demanding physical directive will be 10 push-ups.  After the first month, students will choose their concentration from several categories.  If you want to focus on fitness, it might get strenuous.  If you want to focus on deductive skills, it will empower your mind.

I can’t make the decision for you, but I bet you can do it and do it well!

I hope this helps.



KIMinder360 on Armed American Radio

On 19 Jan 2014, I appeared on Mark Walter’s radio show The Armed American.  Here is a recording of my interview.  My segment starts at minute 18.

New enrollments shot through the roof after the show!

Remember that Situational Awareness is for everybody, not just the citizen who choose to legally carry firearms. 


Here I am in the KNST studios in Tucson with Mark Walters and Senator Frank Antenori broadcasting The Armed American Radio Show live on April 11, 2010.


SHOT Show success

At SHOT Show this week, Dan and I met with many world-class self-defense and tactical instructors and others who have “seen the elephant.”  We received 100 percent encouraging reviews of project KIMinder360.  One of the best developments was my invitation to speak on the radio Sunday evening.  I will post more info as I receive it.  Enrollments have begun to come in already.  Even though service won’t start until 01 Feb 2014, enroll now!