The 1000-Yard Stare

Your senses are overwhelmed, you are exhausted, drained of energy, able only to put one foot in front of the other, your eyes are seeing but your mind is not registering the world around you;  in the military, this battle-worn, zombie-like state is referred to as the 1000-yard stare.  Loosing focus on the battlefield is a fatal failure, akin to speeding down the highway with your eyes closed.  It will get you, your family, and your team killed.

In ordinary civilian life this oblivious mode is shockingly common as we trudge through our familiar, distracting, habitual existence.  We drop our guard into our tedious work, our demanding relationships, our mesmerizing electronics.  We try to excite ourselves out of our torpor with movies, purchases, emotional drama, and bungee jumping, but these only drive us deeper into hypnotic catatonia after the thrill has worn off.

The answer is not to capitulate though!  The answer is to face the opponent.  To fight more creatively.  The answer is presence, attention to detail, and engagement.  The answer is training with KIMinder360.

KIMinder360 snaps you out of your 1000-email morning, disassembles your 1000-priority to-do list, and evisceratesyour 1000-directive meeting.  You will discover hidden advantage in subtlety, critical intelligence in overlooked details, and gain an almost preternatural sense of presence within the chaos of your life.

KIMinder360 — built by a Team including Green Berets, Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Survival Specialist, Self-Defense Experts, Professional Strategists, Strength Coaches, and others — brings new life to your day-to-day battles.

Fill out the form below now to start your Basic Enrollment for 30 days.  Free of charge, you will receive one text every-other afternoon.  For advanced features and scheduling, KIMinder360 PRO will soon be available.

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