Keep In Mind

United States Special Forces are legendary for their physical strength and skill.  Just as important, yet poorly understood by the citizen at-large, is their mental strength and skill.  It is easy to comprehend the strenuous drills these men must endure to achieve their physical prowess, but what kind of exercises do they perform to expand their mental faculties?


Excerpt from US Army TC 23-14 “SNIPER Training and Employment”

KIM stands for ‘Keep in Mind’ or ‘Keep in Memory’ now, but was first a reference to a game played by Kipling’s hero in his novel Kim.  Kimball, a teenage boy training to be a spy, could eventually memorize a dozen jewels or objects at a glance.  This drill appears formalized in sniper handbooks as an exercise to improve the integrity of intelligence collected by reconnaissance scouts.

I was first introduced to the KIM concept by the Special Forces cadre of the GORUCK Challenges that I have participated in.  In order to give us a more authentic taste of the pressures involved in a demanding mission, we were required to make observations, remember details, and recall information throughout the grueling ordeals.  Failure resulted in extreme penalties.

Survival in a hostile environment requires a great deal more than simply the physical ability to march and the intestinal fortitude to deal with the enemy.  It requires a sharp mind to solve problems and identify opportunities.  On the battlefield and in day-to-day life, failure to notice, remember, process, and act on strategic judgement can cost you, your family, and your team their lives.

KIMinder360 takes the classic KIM drill to new levels possible only because of today’s technology.  KIMinder360 is designed to act as your personal Special Forces cadre, prompting you to stay sharp and come out on-top during your own day-to-day missions.


An excerpt from US Marine Corps FM 1-3B “SNIPING.”